Good Question: What’s the Difference Between Urgent and Emergency Veterinary Care?

Emergency vs urgent pet care.

When a pet suddenly falls ill or suffers a traumatic injury, pet owners are naturally thrown into a state of panic. Even if you’re fully prepared to administer pet first aid or CPR, staving off a life-threatening situation can be extremely difficult to navigate. In order to get your pet the right kind of help, it is important to understand the difference between urgent and emergency care. Emergency veterinary care is reserved for specific conditions, and may only be available during certain times at speciality facilities. Urgent care, on the other hand, can fill the gap between regular and emergency care. Knowing the difference can be helpful to your careful planning and preparation.


Leaving a Pet in the Car Is a Definite No-Go

dog in car

Leaving a pet in the car for “just a few minutes” occurs to many. After all, there are places our pets cannot be and the long list of errands often has us running from one place to the next. But leaving a  pet in the car can spell trouble, especially during the winter and summer months. What would seem to be harmless causes hundreds of deaths in pets each year. 

The team at Long Animal Hospital and Emergency Center is here to explain why both hot and cold weather outside are risky times to take your pet in the car and should absolutely be avoided.


Pet First Aid: Be Prepared for any Emergency

pet first aidMany families know the value of emergency preparedness and often take the  precautionary steps to keep loved ones safe by establishing an emergency plan. Pets also depend on us in emergency situations, yet few pet owners know how to respond when an emergency arises.

Learning more about pet first aid during a crisis is a great place to start, and you’ll have peace of mind knowing how to respond in case a situation does occur.

Pet Emergency Basics

From natural disasters to physical injuries, accidents, and sudden illnesses, emergencies come in many different forms. For our small, furry family members, our intuition comes into play when trying to decipher the signs of a possible emergency (after all, pets can’t tell us when they’re in pain).