Fur and Foliage: Harmony in the Garden

pet friendly garden.

Creating an oasis where your furry friends can roam, sniff, and play is more than just an enjoyable project—it’s an investment in their happiness and well-being. At Long Animal Hospital and Emergency Center, we understand the deep bond between pets and their families, which is why we advocate for gardens that not only bloom with beauty, but also ensure the safety and joy of your four-legged companions. 


Sustainable and Eco-Friendly Pet Care for a Greener Tomorrow

sustainable pet care.

Eco-conscious pet owners are increasingly seeking environmentally-friendly pet care options, from food to other basic supplies their pets need every day. When it comes to protecting Mother Earth, every little bit helps, so our team at Long Animal Hospital and Emergency Center has put together some simple ways to incorporate green pet practices in your household.  


Advancing Veterinary Medicine: Innovations Reshaping Surgical Technology

pet surgery.

Long Animal Hospital takes veterinary medicine very seriously. We are always working towards providing the best and most current care to our beloved patients. From offering cutting-edge veterinary surgical procedures to utilizing innovative techniques, you can be assured that our surgery department is providing your pet with everything veterinary medicine has to offer. 


Protecting Vision and Preventing Eye Conditions in Dogs and Cats

You’ve probably spent many hours gazing into your pet’s soulful eyes. They convey so much depth of emotion. Whether they are feeling pain, joy, or curiosity, their eyes hold the key to their inner world. Unsurprisingly, these delicate organs are highly sensitive and vulnerable to illness and injury. Included in our range of veterinary services at Long Animal Hospital and Emergency Center, pet eye health is part of a well-rounded approach to care. 


Toxic Plants for Pets: A Comprehensive List and Tips for Pet Safety

Toxic plants to pets.

Many pet people are also plant people. It makes some sense that those who enjoy caring for one lifeform might enjoy caring for another. A little caution needs to be in place, however, as there are many toxic plants for pets. Read on to learn Long Animal Hospital’s top tips for pet safety around plants. 


Good Question: What’s the Difference Between Urgent and Emergency Veterinary Care?

Emergency vs urgent pet care.

When a pet suddenly falls ill or suffers a traumatic injury, pet owners are naturally thrown into a state of panic. Even if you’re fully prepared to administer pet first aid or CPR, staving off a life-threatening situation can be extremely difficult to navigate. In order to get your pet the right kind of help, it is important to understand the difference between urgent and emergency care. Emergency veterinary care is reserved for specific conditions, and may only be available during certain times at speciality facilities. Urgent care, on the other hand, can fill the gap between regular and emergency care. Knowing the difference can be helpful to your careful planning and preparation.


Help, My Pet Ate a Foreign Object!

Pet swallowed foreign object

Animals are a little bit like toddlers in more ways than one, and the fact that they tend to explore the world with their mouth is no exception. When animals ingest foreign material things can turn serious quickly. Long Animal Hospital and Emergency Center has the information you need, though, about how to tell (and what to do) if your pet swallows a foreign object.

Hazards of Ingesting Foreign Objects

When a pet eats something that isn’t digestible, it can become stuck in the digestive tract, fully or partially obstructing the normal flow of food through the body. This can occur at any point from the esophagus to the colon.


Is Pet Altitude Sickness a Real Concern?

Pets and altitude sickness.

If you have ever ventured up into the mountains, you might have encountered altitude sickness as a human. Can pets get altitude sickness, though? How does altitude sickness affect animals? What are the symptoms? Keep reading and Long Animal Hospital will answer all your questions!


Laws Surrounding Pet Ownership in Charlotte, NC

Dog ownership laws.

Pet ownership is a responsibility that shouldn’t be taken lightly, and it’s important for all pet parents to understand how local ordinances can impact the lives they share with their pets. And while we’re accustomed to fielding questions every day about pet health and wellness, we do get occasional queries about local pet laws. 


5 Things to Check Off Your Veterinary Visit List

Pet at the vet.

Getting an annual check-up is an important part of taking care of your cat or dog even if your pet seems healthy. Just like with humans, the absence of an illness does not always equal wellness. The goals of preventive care are to maintain your animal’s health, prevent illness, and detect problems early. This checklist will give you an idea about the import parts of annual pet wellness exams: