Help, My Pet Ate a Foreign Object!

Pet swallowed foreign object

Animals are a little bit like toddlers in more ways than one, and the fact that they tend to explore the world with their mouth is no exception. When animals ingest foreign material things can turn serious quickly. Long Animal Hospital and Emergency Center has the information you need, though, about how to tell (and what to do) if your pet swallows a foreign object.

Hazards of Ingesting Foreign Objects

When a pet eats something that isn’t digestible, it can become stuck in the digestive tract, fully or partially obstructing the normal flow of food through the body. This can occur at any point from the esophagus to the colon.


Leaving a Pet in the Car Is a Definite No-Go

dog in car

Leaving a pet in the car for “just a few minutes” occurs to many. After all, there are places our pets cannot be and the long list of errands often has us running from one place to the next. But leaving a  pet in the car can spell trouble, especially during the winter and summer months. What would seem to be harmless causes hundreds of deaths in pets each year. 

The team at Long Animal Hospital and Emergency Center is here to explain why both hot and cold weather outside are risky times to take your pet in the car and should absolutely be avoided.


Pet Travel: The Ultimate Guide

pet travelNothing says summer like a family vacation, and bringing the family pet along can add a special element of fun and adventure. There is a lot to consider before you travel with your pet, though, and Long Animal Hospital can help. Our guide to pet travel aims to help you prepare for any challenges you may face and ensure smooth sailing for you and your best pal.

Preparing for Pet Travel

Before you pack your pet’s suitcase, ask yourself if bringing your pet on vacation is the right thing to do. Your pet’s temperament should be suitable for the chaos and unpredictability of travel. If your pet is aggressive, overly anxious, or fearful, finding alternative care for him or her may be preferable.