Protecting Vision and Preventing Eye Conditions in Dogs and Cats

You’ve probably spent many hours gazing into your pet’s soulful eyes. They convey so much depth of emotion. Whether they are feeling pain, joy, or curiosity, their eyes hold the key to their inner world. Unsurprisingly, these delicate organs are highly sensitive and vulnerable to illness and injury. Included in our range of veterinary services at Long Animal Hospital and Emergency Center, pet eye health is part of a well-rounded approach to care. 


Cherishing the Final Moments: Navigating End-of-Life Care for Your Beloved Pet 

end of life pet care.

Everyone who loves a pet will eventually face losing them. Whether your pet has been diagnosed with a terminal illness or is approaching the end of their lifespan, you will have to decide the best way to handle end-of-life care for your pet.  Letting a pet go is one of the hardest things any pet parent will face. Because the grief during this time can be immense, the experts here at Long Animal Hospital & Emergency Center are here to help. 


Coping with the Unbearable: Navigating the Grief of Pet Loss

pet loss.

Pets are honored, highly valued members of our families, and they provide us with a never-ending source of unconditional love and cuddles throughout life’s ups and downs. Their impact on our lives is immeasurable, and saying goodbye is never easy. 

At Long Animal Hospital and Emergency Center, we understand what it’s like to lose a beloved pet, and we want you to know that pet loss grief is entirely natural and to be expected. It’s also a highly individualized process, and it’s important to know where to turn for the level of pet loss support that you need.


Friends for Life: The Surprising Rewards of Cat Ownership

cat owner.

Before we even know it’s happening, cats find their ways into our hearts and homes. With sweet, inquisitive meows, they weave between our ankles, gaze into our eyes, and seem to dispatch ancient truths about existence (naps are the secret). Some people are just “cat people” and know implicitly the value of cat ownership. Other folks might be intrigued but really don’t know what all the fuss is about. We are so happy to be able to share what we know so far about the incredible experience of cat ownership.


Toxic Plants for Pets: A Comprehensive List and Tips for Pet Safety

Toxic plants to pets.

Many pet people are also plant people. It makes some sense that those who enjoy caring for one lifeform might enjoy caring for another. A little caution needs to be in place, however, as there are many toxic plants for pets. Read on to learn Long Animal Hospital’s top tips for pet safety around plants. 


Pet Adoption Versus Pet Purchase

Pet adoption.

Deciding to become a pet owner is one of the most pivotal moments in life. While the choice to take home a pet can definitely be impromptu, it may be better for some folks to spend a considerable amount of time weighing all the options. First things first: where do you find your new pet? Adopting a pet can benefit you, an animal, and your whole community.


Good Question: What’s the Difference Between Urgent and Emergency Veterinary Care?

Emergency vs urgent pet care.

When a pet suddenly falls ill or suffers a traumatic injury, pet owners are naturally thrown into a state of panic. Even if you’re fully prepared to administer pet first aid or CPR, staving off a life-threatening situation can be extremely difficult to navigate. In order to get your pet the right kind of help, it is important to understand the difference between urgent and emergency care. Emergency veterinary care is reserved for specific conditions, and may only be available during certain times at speciality facilities. Urgent care, on the other hand, can fill the gap between regular and emergency care. Knowing the difference can be helpful to your careful planning and preparation.


Help, My Pet Ate a Foreign Object!

Pet swallowed foreign object

Animals are a little bit like toddlers in more ways than one, and the fact that they tend to explore the world with their mouth is no exception. When animals ingest foreign material things can turn serious quickly. Long Animal Hospital and Emergency Center has the information you need, though, about how to tell (and what to do) if your pet swallows a foreign object.

Hazards of Ingesting Foreign Objects

When a pet eats something that isn’t digestible, it can become stuck in the digestive tract, fully or partially obstructing the normal flow of food through the body. This can occur at any point from the esophagus to the colon.


The Absolute Best Pet Gifts This Year

Pet gifts.

When it comes to giving, there are a few different approaches. You might try to appeal to the recipient’s interest in convenience, aesthetics, comfort, or technology. And, depending on your budget, you can vary your gift-giving style. The good news is that there is truly no shortage of options available for pets and their people. If anything, the market is totally saturated with pet gift options. To save you both time and money, we’ve compiled a list of this season’s best pet gifts that aim to please everybody.