From Tail Wags to Whisker Kisses: Decoding Your Pet’s Affectionate Gestures

Affectionate pets.

You smooch your pooch and cuddle your kitty to declare your unwavering love and affection, but how can you tell if your pet feels the same way? 

At Long Animal Hospital and Emergency Center, we know that bonding with your pet ranks right up there with vet visits, nutrition, and exercise when it comes to making sure pets are living their best lives. In this blog, we decode the love language of pets to help pet parents understand pet body language and how pets express love. 


Leaving a Green Legacy: Eco-Friendly Farewells for Cherished Pets

pet memorial.

As families bid goodbye to their beloved pets, the farewell often entails a heartfelt and sentimental ceremony. But for those who are environmentally conscious, it also presents an opportunity. How can pet owners ensure their beloved pets’ goodbyes are eco-conscious while still commemorating their lives? At Long Animal Hospital & Emergency Center, we believe in honoring your pet’s memory in an eco-friendly manner.


Mastering the Art of Keeping Your Furry Friend Mentally Engaged

pet enrichment.

Physically active pets tend to be healthier than their sedentary counterparts. And as important as exercise is to a pet’s overall wellness, it’s only half of the puzzle. Mental stimulation for pets is equally valuable for optimal health, but it can be challenging to maintain. With our boredom-busting activities for dogs and cats, you can promote pet enrichment throughout your best friend’s life, and improve all aspects of their health and happiness.


Sustainable and Eco-Friendly Pet Care for a Greener Tomorrow

sustainable pet care.

Eco-conscious pet owners are increasingly seeking environmentally-friendly pet care options, from food to other basic supplies their pets need every day. When it comes to protecting Mother Earth, every little bit helps, so our team at Long Animal Hospital and Emergency Center has put together some simple ways to incorporate green pet practices in your household.  


Advancing Veterinary Medicine: Innovations Reshaping Surgical Technology

pet surgery.

Long Animal Hospital takes veterinary medicine very seriously. We are always working towards providing the best and most current care to our beloved patients. From offering cutting-edge veterinary surgical procedures to utilizing innovative techniques, you can be assured that our surgery department is providing your pet with everything veterinary medicine has to offer. 


Protecting Vision and Preventing Eye Conditions in Dogs and Cats

You’ve probably spent many hours gazing into your pet’s soulful eyes. They convey so much depth of emotion. Whether they are feeling pain, joy, or curiosity, their eyes hold the key to their inner world. Unsurprisingly, these delicate organs are highly sensitive and vulnerable to illness and injury. Included in our range of veterinary services at Long Animal Hospital and Emergency Center, pet eye health is part of a well-rounded approach to care. 


Cherishing the Final Moments: Navigating End-of-Life Care for Your Beloved Pet 

end of life pet care.

Everyone who loves a pet will eventually face losing them. Whether your pet has been diagnosed with a terminal illness or is approaching the end of their lifespan, you will have to decide the best way to handle end-of-life care for your pet.  Letting a pet go is one of the hardest things any pet parent will face. Because the grief during this time can be immense, the experts here at Long Animal Hospital & Emergency Center are here to help. 


Coping with the Unbearable: Navigating the Grief of Pet Loss

pet loss.

Pets are honored, highly valued members of our families, and they provide us with a never-ending source of unconditional love and cuddles throughout life’s ups and downs. Their impact on our lives is immeasurable, and saying goodbye is never easy. 

At Long Animal Hospital and Emergency Center, we understand what it’s like to lose a beloved pet, and we want you to know that pet loss grief is entirely natural and to be expected. It’s also a highly individualized process, and it’s important to know where to turn for the level of pet loss support that you need.


Friends for Life: The Surprising Rewards of Cat Ownership

cat owner.

Before we even know it’s happening, cats find their ways into our hearts and homes. With sweet, inquisitive meows, they weave between our ankles, gaze into our eyes, and seem to dispatch ancient truths about existence (naps are the secret). Some people are just “cat people” and know implicitly the value of cat ownership. Other folks might be intrigued but really don’t know what all the fuss is about. We are so happy to be able to share what we know so far about the incredible experience of cat ownership.


Toxic Plants for Pets: A Comprehensive List and Tips for Pet Safety

Toxic plants to pets.

Many pet people are also plant people. It makes some sense that those who enjoy caring for one lifeform might enjoy caring for another. A little caution needs to be in place, however, as there are many toxic plants for pets. Read on to learn Long Animal Hospital’s top tips for pet safety around plants.