Advancing Veterinary Medicine: Innovations Reshaping Surgical Technology

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Long Animal Hospital takes veterinary medicine very seriously. We are always working towards providing the best and most current care to our beloved patients. From offering cutting-edge veterinary surgical procedures to utilizing innovative techniques, you can be assured that our surgery department is providing your pet with everything veterinary medicine has to offer. 


Tough Stuff: Cancer in Canines

Cancer in canine can be devastating

Your dog may think he is invincible, chasing squirrels and barking at people out of your front window, but the truth is that none of us are. Even as we learn more and more how to take better care of our pets, cancer remains a prevalent diagnosis in our four-legged friends. In fact due to the increasing lifespan of our household pets, veterinarians are diagnosing cancer in canines at a rate of 25% in our senior population.

Thankfully, your friends at Long Animal Hospital and Emergency Center are here to help you and your pet understand this disease a little more.