Pet Care Resources From Long Animal Hospital’s Veterinarians

In addition to scheduling regular visits to the vet, we encourage all owners to take initiative and educate themselves—it really is one of the very best things you can do for your pet!

By staying up on the latest information and issues affecting the health of your cat or dog, you take a huge step toward ensuring his or her quality of life. We believe a sound pet care education is something every owner should receive, for the good of your pet and yourself alike. Long Animal Hospital offers a variety of easy-to-access sources for great information right here on our website.

  • Pet care links—Browse through our own up-to-date collection of online resources, containing information on pet wellness, new research, basic dog and cat care, and much more. All sources have been reviewed by our veterinarians and staff to ensure they are timely and reliable. Let us be your guide you to the best pet care information available on the web.

  • Our calendar—See what’s coming up at Long Animal Hospital. Promotions, community events, and all sorts of good things are in the works. Be sure to check in regularly!

  • Pet loss library—A compendium of informative sources compiled especially for owners dealing with pet loss. You will find useful links to articles, videos, and support resources to overcome grief and move forward. You can also find current information on local support for individuals and families in and around the Charlotte community.

  • Blood Analysis and Testing Guide--PDF document download. You will find useful information to help you understand results from blood analysis testing.

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