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Spay and neuter surgeries are something that occurs during our pets’ first year of life. At most rescues and animal shelters, pets who are adopted out can only be adopted after they have had their spay or neuter surgery.

While most pet owners don’t like to have their pets go through a surgery, spay/neuter is something that has incredible advantages for the health of pets and the entire community. 

Your friends at Long Animal Hospital are here to explain why spay/neuter can be one of the best choices you will make.

What Is a Spay/Neuter Surgery?

Spaying and neutering are procedures with the goal of making your pet sterile, or unable to reproduce. During a spay surgery performed on females, the pet will have their ovaries and, generally, uterus removed under anesthesia. For males, neutering refers to a surgical procedure, also under anesthesia, to remove the testisticles.

These are both safe, mostly painless procedures that are done in one day, with the patient going home in the evening, along with postoperative recovery instructions. 

7 Great Reasons for Spay and Neuter

With the proliferation of low-cost and free, as well as mobile, clinics, there are so many options available to pet owners. And there are several reasons why spay and neuter surgeries are very important.

  1. They reduce the homeless/stray population – There are hundreds of thousands of pets in peril because they have been abandoned or have been a stray since birth. Most shelters and rescues are at capacity, with 2 million pets being euthanized each year. Strays and feral pets also pose a threat to other pets and the community as they spread disease and illness. Spaying and neutering are a service for the greater good for all pets and people.

  2. Your female pet will be healthier – Spaying reduces the risk of breast cancer and uterine infections by up to 90% in cats and 50% in dogs.

  3. Your male will be healthier, too – Neutering your male dog or cat keeps them from ever developing testicular cancer.

  4. Altering your pet reduces lost or missing risk – Intact males and females are more likely to become lost and be hit by a car. This is because when a pet goes into estrus, or heat, they are driven to roam and can sometimes get out and become missing. Those who are altered are less likely to do this.

  5. Reduces aggression – According to several studies, unaltered males are much more likely to bite or become aggressive than those altered.

  6. Discourages territorial marking – Males in particular, but also females, will “mark” their territories with a strong scent if they aren’t spayed or neutered. Spraying inside is a common complaint among pet owners.

  7. Curbs other bad behavior – In general, an intact animal will engage in dominance behavior, like mounting, barking, and bullying, to establish territory. These behaviors are lessened through spaying and neutering.

Would You Like More Information?

Long Animal Hospital advocates for spay and neuter for the health and well-being of pets. There’s no better way to reduce some of the mentioned health and safety risks than through altering your pet. The surgeries are safe and effective, and will leave a lasting positive result. 

Please call us for more information on this procedure, or to schedule an appointment. We look forward to seeing you and your four-legged loved one soon.