Pet budgeting.

Between the sheer joy of their companionship and the near-constant entertainment factor, pets make life more fun and interesting. This global sentiment is nothing new, but the many ways people have aligned themselves with today’s pets is fairly radical. For proof, look no further than the latest record-breaking statistics. With annual spending over $100 billion, the cost of owning a pet has never been so high or so meaningful. 

Good For Us

There’s no denying that living with and providing for pets is good for our overall health. They provide stress relief, decrease depression and anxiety, and get us moving which can improve blood pressure. With all of these important benefits, it only makes sense that we return the favor to the pets we love. 

Pet Parents

The evolution from pet ownership to pet parenting may partially explain the explosion of the pet industry. With more people opting for pet adoption before or instead of starting a family, pets are the new “kids.” The pets belonging to millennial pet parents receive a great deal of love, attention, and time. More than ever, today’s pets enjoy the perks of younger owners with disposable income. 

Plus, the pandemic spurred millions of spontaneous pet adoptions. In any case, the ways we approach pet care and ownership is incredibly different than ever before. 

Average Costs

Because we love them so much and they add profound value to our lives, today’s pets are receiving great care. Between veterinary exams, training, disease prevention, dental care, nutrition, comfortable bedding, toys, and enrichment opportunities, the average cost of owning a pet can range between $900 and $1,500 annually. 

The initial cost of owning a pet is substantial. However, once you acquire all the necessary gear and supplies, and get beyond any needed spay/neuter surgery, vaccinations, and more, bills tend to level out. The majority of pet owners also admit to spending money every month on gifts for their pets. 

Cost of Owning a Pet

The cost of owning a pet can be steep for many people. But with all the value they bring to our lives, it could cost us by not living with or caring for a pet (or two or three). 

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