iStock_000065156107_MediumIt’s not uncommon for people scrambling for more time, energy, or dish soap to let dishes pile up in the sink. This method isn’t for everyone, but it does put off for today what can surely be done tomorrow.

What does this have to do with your pet’s health and wellness? Well, for starters, putting off preventative care can have unfortunate results, and like the dishes piling up, you could have more to deal with all at once (such as life-saving emergency care) instead of carefully attending to your pet’s timely medical needs.

Getting Started

We recommend seeing your pet every 6-12 months for regular wellness exams, depending on his or her age and overall health. We are firmly rooted in your pet’s current state of health, but always have an eye on his or her future, and are determined to provide a happier, longer life.  

At each wellness exam, we conduct a close physical assessment of your pet’s eyes, ears, mouth, skin, coat, and abdomen, and will have all the information available to you via your pet’s online medical records. Gathering information about your pet when he or she is healthy helps enormously toward establishing a baseline to refer to down the line if he or she ever presents symptoms.

Pet Wellness

To provide optimal health and wellness we will also address:

  • Parasite prevention – We can conduct heartworm screenings, if necessary, plus help you and your pet take a year-round approach to preventing fleas, ticks, and heartworm disease.
  • Necessary vaccinations – Depending on your pet’s lifestyle and exposure to disease, we can update any vaccinations or provide boosters.
  • Diagnostics – We rely on certain testing, such as blood work or digital X-rays, to give us more information about your pet’s health.
  • Dental careKeeping your pet’s teeth and gums healthy affects more than just the mouth. Systemic infections can stem from poor dental habits and periodontal disease. Professional dental cleanings and regular brushing at home will positively affect your pet’s health and wellness.
  • Nutrition – Your pet’s diet is very significant to overall wellness. If your pet has food-related allergies or weight problems, we can deal with them together in order to prevent obesity or other associated problems.
  • Exercise – It can be easy to let exercise needs fall to the wayside, especially if your pet is aging or arthritic. However, keeping him or her active during all the life stages is critical to your pet’s health and wellness, and we do our best to keep you both motivated and moving all year round.

Other Points Of Interests

Other areas that can impact your pet’s health and wellness include grooming, pain management (such as laser therapy), and other veterinary specialty care.

Your pet ages faster than you, making his or her routine wellness visits more valuable as time goes by. Your pet could be highly skilled at hiding any changes from you, making routine screenings and exams even more important.

Your Pet’s Health And Wellness

Your partners in your pet’s health have more than 60 years of combined experience that direct us, but your questions, concerns, and observations truly guide our way. Please contact us if we can assist you; we always look forward to hearing from you!