The Big Chill: Winter Weather Pet Care

dog running in snow

It may just be October, but Old Man Winter is right around the corner. And when the weather becomes frightful, it can put pets at risk for a number of problems and injuries.  All pets are affected differently by the climate, and winter pet care can be more involved this time of year in spite of our traditionally mild winters.

Whether your pet loves to be out in the cold and occasional snow, or prefers to snuggle up by the fire, sold weather safety is critical for the health and well being of your pet. 


Winter Pet Care: What You Need to Know

Autumn timeMild winters are one of the perks of living in the South, and Charlotte is no exception! Although many of our winter days are bright and sunny, temperatures can and often do dip below freezing at night, and blustery winds and the occasional snowfall are not unheard of.

Winter pet care is an important consideration for pet owners, even in balmy North Carolina. Your team at Long Animal Hospital and Emergency Center is happy to help you come up with a strategy to keep your pet warm as temperatures drop.