Long Animal Hospital’s Top Pet Blogs of 2020

For all of 2020’s quirks, it’s hard to deny that the year that was, was a banner year for most pets. Between pet adoption rates and people spending more time at home with their pets than ever before (and all the fun that entails), our furry friends have likely appreciated 2020 more than the rest of us.

With that, your team at Long Animal Hospital appreciates your trust in our care and in our blog and, in keeping with tradition, we are happy to share with you our top 5 most-read blog posts of 2020!


Our Gratitude for Reading the Top 5 Pet Care Blogs of 2019 

Cat health can be illusive, be sure your cat sees a veterinarian regularly

With over 70 combined years of experience, we like to think of ourselves as having a pretty good handle on what pets need. However, just because we’re veterinary experts, we don’t always know the best ways to support the efforts of human pet owners.

Indeed, the people that bring their pets in to see us are among the most helpful guides when it comes to brainstorming our monthly pet care blogs. Without them, we may not be able to effectively address the issues that face most pet owners.

When it comes to truly caring for animals, we’re all in this together.


Huzzah and Happy New Year! Our Top Five Blogs of 2016

It’s hard to believe another year has flown by – and also our first full year of blogging. It has been our pleasure to provide pet owners with pet care and health information to enhance and better the lives of their companions.

From posts that cover health issues like pet dental health or parasite protection, to those that are light-hearted, such as giving you a “leg up” on your dog park savvy, our aim is to help you better care for your fur friend. After all, we share the common goal of wanting the best life possible for your pet.

So, to add a little end-of-year reading to your pet-friendly New Year, we offer our top five pet care blogs of 2016.