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Seventy years ago, Long Animal Hospital opened our doors to the dogs and cats of Charlotte, NC and the surrounding community. Although our staff members now work in a cutting-edge facility, our mission remains the same. As we work to provide the best possible care to our patients, we’re honored to continue serving our ever-growing community of valued pet owners.

Over the last 12 months, we hope you found our services helpful, supportive, and convenient. If you didn’t see us in person at our hospital, perhaps you were one of the many online readers who visit our pet care blog. Either way, we appreciate your dedication to responsible pet ownership!

Our Best Pet Care Blogs of 2018

pet care blog

From our entire staff, we thank you for reading our monthly pet care blogs. In 2018, we covered a range of topics that aimed to answer your pet care questions and address your needs before any problems arose. In no particular order, we’re proud to present our most popular pet care blogs of 2018. Enjoy!

#5: Tough Stuff: Cancer in Canines
Your dog may think he is invincible, chasing squirrels and barking at people out of your front window, but the truth is that none of us are. Even as we learn more and more how to take better care of our pets, cancer remains a prevalent diagnosis in our four-legged friends. In fact due to the increasing lifespan of our household pets, veterinarians are diagnosing cancer in canines at a rate of 25% in our senior population. Keep reading…

#4: Canine Influenza and Vaccination: Get the Facts
Maybe you’ve heard of the “dog flu” or canine influenza. It’s a real virus that’s highly contagious; it’s also preventable through vaccination. However, there’s a lot of misleading and incorrect information out there, so Long Animal Hospital and Emergency Center has put together a simple primer on canine influenza and vaccination. Read more…

#3: Pet Loss Prevention Strategies
It’s estimated that roughly 10 million pets become lost in the U.S. each year, and the vast majority never return home. Unfortunately, this is also the time of year when shelters fill up even more with lost pets who escape during summer festivities. However, with our pet loss prevention strategies, you and your companion can avoid a heartbreaking situation. Continue…

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#2: What You Can Do to Prevent Lyme Disease in Dogs 
Modern day living has a lot going for it, but possibly the leading attributes have to do with advances in medical arts. Disease has always been one of our greatest foes, but via timely and routine vaccinations, education, and preventive practices, we can live a relatively healthy life. This goes for our pets, too. Read on!

#1: Pet Poison Awareness Month: Keeping Our Furry Loved Ones Safe 
Like every other veterinary establishment, we encounter pet poisoning situations on a regular basis here at Long Animal Hospital. March is Pet Poison Awareness Month, and what better opportunity to shed some light on the very real risk that many of our foods and household items pose to our pets. Keep reading…

Cheers to Another Great Year

While 2018 was filled with unexpected surprises, we consider the last 12 months as some of our finest at Long Animal Hospital. Thank you to the pet lovers and animal caregivers of Charlotte, NC. It continues to be an adventure – and a privilege – to serve the pets in our community.

Please visit our blog throughout 2019 to learn more helpful tricks and tips to support your pet’s health and wellness. Happy New Year!