Pets: Cute Yorkie dog at outside city cafe. Bow, bandana.Summer in the Southeast brings raucous thunderstorms and hot, humid days – not a great combination when it comes to outdoor recreation. So, it stands to reason our pets might get a little bored being cooped up inside. Fortunately, there are many creative, exercise-inspired indoor pet activities to keep your fur pal entertained.

10 Boredom Busting Indoor Pet Activities

  1. Canine detective – For a challenging game that puts your dog’s nose to the test, look no further. Much like a scavenger hunt, canine detective involves hiding bits of kibble or chopped up carrot sticks around the house and letting your pet sniff out the deliciousness!
  2. Kitty tree – Anything your feline friend can climb will be cherished and will provide exercise and cozy nooks for – what else? – cat naps! Some climbing towers and trees even feature toy attachments for additional batting, stalking, and pouncing.
  3. Stair masters – If you want a true workout and a dog who’s trained to walk with you, steps are a great option. They provide the same energy-busting exercise as a jog or fast walk.
  4. Trick training – Dogs love to please their people, and learning new tricks is a wonderful way to strengthen your bond. It also provides mental enrichment, which is essential to overall wellbeing.  
  5. Cat dancing – Well, not exactly dancing…we’re referring to those Cat Dancer toys nearly every feline fancies. Laser lights also offer pounce-worthy entertainment (dogs like them too!).
  6. Pet party – Why be lonely on a rainy day? Invite your pet owner pals over and have them bring their well-behaved fur kids. Enjoy some socialization in the den or other large area within your home.
  7. Practice skills – If you’ve been working with your pet on important training concepts (crate training, basic commands, etc.), use the indoor time to bone up on additional behavioral training.
  8. Nerf ball fetch – Who says you can’t play fetch inside? By removing breakables and opting for a stuffed toy or Nerf-type ball, you can keep this trusted standby on your list of indoor pet activities.
  9. Groom time – On hot, humid days, help your pet stay cool and squeaky clean by making a grooming appointment at Long Animal Hospital.
  10. New toys – If your pet’s toys have seen better days or he or she has lost interest in them, it’s time to change things up. Try adding a couple new games or toys that encourage interaction and mental stimulation.

Although these blazing summer days can put a damper on your usual playtime routine, there’s no reason the fun needs to stop. We hope our ideas provide some good entertainment to help you and your pet weather the storm!