"goldendoodle puppy"

Goldendoodle puppies steal everyone’s hearts with their snuggly, inviting looks and playful demeanors. A mix between the world’s lovably loyal golden retriever and the ever-so-intelligent poodle, goldendoodles, otherwise known as doodles, make an amazing family pet. If you are getting ready to bring one of these doodles home, make sure you are ready. At Long Animal Hospital and Emergency Center we want you to feel prepared for this next adventure, so here are five tips for caring for a new doodle puppy:

  1. Puppy Proofing—Your goldendoodle puppy will have a natural curiosity and want to explore his or her new environment. They are a very energetic and intelligent breed so they will roll, sniff, and gallop around. They will probably also want to use their teeth to explore different textures. To ensure you are protecting your puppy from any choking hazards, remove small, loose items on the floor and any items they can reach at their height. We suggest you also remove your things on or near the floor like shoes, glasses, pens, bags, or purses, and hide cords underneath furniture or rugs. 
  1. Toy Story—Even before you bring your doodle home, purchase some puppy-friendly toys. Toys can help stimulate your pup’s brain and can be used as a distraction from chewing things he or she should not be chewing. Protect dental and gum health by ensuring they have the appropriate kind of chews. As they get older, you may consider puzzle toys for some stimulating brain exercise as well.
  1. Train Every Day—Goldendoodles are highly intelligent as they are mixed with two breeds that are among the top five most intelligent dog breeds. It is important to begin training right away and to establish consistent schedules. They will seem to catch on quickly and want to show you how good they are at obedience. Set a schedule for walks, bathroom breaks, and feeding times as your doodle will learn that schedule and find comfort in some structure in the day. Training is an important part of their growth and development, providing them with brain stimulation and physical exercise each day. Make sure to dedicate time to spend with your pup each day so they feel cared for and loved. With their very friendly disposition, goldendoodles love to spend time with their families and love making new friends.
  1. Grooming Needs Vary—There are three different variations of coats that a goldendoodle may have, which are: curly, straight, or wavy. Some doodles are hypoallergenic, so they can be a great option for families who have pet allergies. Grooming needs will depend on the kind of coat your pup has. Some are smooth and easy to maintain while others may require daily grooming. If you are confused on what kind of grooming your puppy needs, we can discuss some options with you at your next wellness visit.  
  1. Wellness and Prevention—In general, mixed breeds tend to have fewer health issues than pure breeds. Goldendoodles are considered to be a fairly healthy breed, however it is important to keep your puppy on a tailored wellness plan from the start. Maintaining a healthy weight with proper nutrition will decrease the risk for your doodle developing some orthopedic conditions from their poodle genes as they get older. Attending annual exams with blood work and vaccinations is important to catch anything that could be brewing. It’s important to watch for cancer with aging, as it runs on the golden retriever side.

We hope these tips help you feel more prepared to care for your new doodle addition. We are always happy to discuss your new puppy’s wellness and prevention plan. Contact us to schedule an appointment and learn more about the care we can provide over the course of your doodle’s life.