Pet Loss Prevention Strategies

veterinarianIt’s estimated that roughly 10 million pets become lost in the U.S. each year, and the vast majority never return home. Unfortunately, this is also the time of year when shelters fill up even more with lost pets who escape during summer festivities. However, with our pet loss prevention strategies, you and your companion can avoid a heartbreaking situation.

Effective Pet Loss Prevention Tips

There are some things you can do in your home and yard to make sure your pet remains safe and secure.

Survey boundaries – Every so often, walk the perimeter of your property, and check for any points your pet could escape. Repair fences and gates and take any other precautions to make sure your yard is secure. Continue…

More Than Wading: Dog Swimming Safety You Can Count On

Dog swimming safety is vitally important.If your dog truly loves the water, it’s okay to allow them to swim unsupervised as much as they want, right? No way! Sure, there are dogs you probably don’t have to worry about as much as others around the water’s edge, but all pets deserve close observation any time they’re close to a pool, lake, river, or ocean.

This summer, don’t allow dog swimming safety to drift away. Be prepared, stay aware, and prevent water-related accidents or injuries.

No Unrestricted Access

Even dogs with significant skills can find trouble in the water. If you have a pool, pond, or other type of water feature on your property, do not allow your dog to have unrestricted access to it. A fence around it is ideal, and some even have alarm systems that alert you if trespassed.

Similarly, pool or hot tub covers are critical when sharing the backyard with a curious canine. Ramps can come in handy if/when a dog goes in the water and needs help getting out. Train your dog to always exit the water the same way every time, so they can easily remember how to get out. Continue…

A Lot to Chew On: Choosing the Right Pet Treats for Your Furry Friend

pet treatsIf you were able to ask any pet, particularly the family dog, what sort of treats they’d like, you’d probably expect to hear, “All of them!” Unfortunately for our hungry pets, there are certain treats that may not be well-suited for their health and overall well-being. And the fact of the matter is, treats, while a great reward, should be used judiciously.

Since all pet treats are not created equal, what treats are better for our furry friends? Your team at Long Animal Hospital and Emergency Center is here to take the bite out of choosing the right pet treats.


Preventive Care for Your New Pet: Getting the Right Start

After the holidays, we always look forward to meeting the tiny new family members who have joined your home. Really, though, anytime is an exciting time to welcome a new puppy or kitten. We couldn’t be happier for you as you embark on this adventure!

As you likely know, it’s a whole new world acclimating a new puppy or kitten. This might not be your first rodeo, and things like making your house safe, crate training, and house-training might be second nature to you. But what about preventive care? What’s needed to make sure they start off on the right paw, so to speak?


The Long View: Celebrating Long Animal Hospital’s Top 5 Blogs Of 2017

With 2018 just a paw swipe away, now is the time to figure out our New Year’s resolutions for our pets. The goal of our blog is to provide you with current, accurate, and useful pet care information, so what better place to begin the process of improving your pet’s life than right here with us?

Long Animal Hospital is pleased to present our top 5 most popular blogs of 2017!


A Few Of Our Favorite Gifts For Pets

The holidays are a wonderful time of year, and having a four-legged family member to celebrate with makes it even more special. It would be hard to include your pet in the family traditions without wrapping a gift (or two, or three) for them, but with so many incredible pet products to choose from, where should the discerning pet owner begin?

Your team at Long Animal Hospital and Emergency Center has done the research for you. Our list of our favorite tried-and-true gifts for pets will make shopping for your best pal a breeze!


Huzzah and Happy New Year! Our Top Five Blogs of 2016

It’s hard to believe another year has flown by – and also our first full year of blogging. It has been our pleasure to provide pet owners with pet care and health information to enhance and better the lives of their companions.

From posts that cover health issues like pet dental health or parasite protection, to those that are light-hearted, such as giving you a “leg up” on your dog park savvy, our aim is to help you better care for your fur friend. After all, we share the common goal of wanting the best life possible for your pet.

So, to add a little end-of-year reading to your pet-friendly New Year, we offer our top five pet care blogs of 2016.


When it’s Too Hot, Try These Options for Indoor Pet Activities

Pets: Cute Yorkie dog at outside city cafe. Bow, bandana.Summer in the Southeast brings raucous thunderstorms and hot, humid days – not a great combination when it comes to outdoor recreation. So, it stands to reason our pets might get a little bored being cooped up inside. Fortunately, there are many creative, exercise-inspired indoor pet activities to keep your fur pal entertained. Continue…

How to Recognize a Pet Emergency

dog examination by veterinary doctor with stethoscope in clinicAs with any medical emergency, timing can be the difference between successful treatment and heartbreaking tragedy. This is equally true for a pet emergency, which is why knowing how to react in such a situation is crucial.

Pet emergencies come in a variety of forms, from an accidental poisoning to a bite sustained during a dogfight. Some veterinary emergencies are also less obvious than others, which makes knowing what to look for an important skill every pet owner should have. Continue…

Pet Safety and Kids: What You Should Know

Long_iStock_000057434550_Large (1)From 2010 to 2012, more than 350,000 kids under the age of 14 experienced dog bite injuries. While circumstances vary, a salient truth remains: the majority of these bites could have been prevented.

There’s a lot to learn when it comes to pet safety and kids, and much of it can only be absorbed over time. However, with direct adult supervision and close observation of certain rules, kids and pets can remain safe, healthy, and happy.

Training Benefits

Training is a great place to start with pet safety and kids. Addressing your pet’s behavioral needs goes a long way at home. If your child is old enough, you may want to include him or her in the process. At the very least, your child and pet will learn to understand one another, and your child will gain basic knowledge of canine body language. Continue…