Above and Beyond: Microchipping Your Pet Could Make All the Difference

In a consumer-driven market, we’re always comparing the cost of something versus its value. In the case of microchipping your pet, it’s easy to determine that the price is worth every single penny. Indeed, this simple procedure is not only relatively inexpensive, it also has the amazing power to reunite lost pets and owners. It’s a choice that all pet owners can make in their own time, but it can save a pet’s life and bring them back home safely – which is the ultimate goal for a lost pet.

The Agony

Thinking of your pet far away from home, lost, hungry, scared, and tired could be a reality. Many pets – even strictly indoor ones – can find themselves outside alone. Sure, there are those pets that take the opportunity to run wild through the neighborhood and do return home, but sometimes pets can get out accidentally when a door or gate is left open, or during times of extreme stress such as noise anxiety.


The Heat is (Still) On: What You Need to Know About Heatstroke in Pets

Dog And A Red PopsicleThe dog days of summer are nowhere near over in our neck of the woods. While this is good news for those of us who love the heat, it can spell trouble for our pets if we’re not careful.

Heatstroke in pets is a serious concern throughout the warm months, and, as with most areas of health and wellness, prevention is key in avoiding this serious condition.

What is Heatstroke?

Sweating is the most efficient way of releasing excess heat from the body, but our pets don’t sweat like we do, and high humidity can make it even more difficult for a pet to keep cool. When a pet’s body experiences a buildup of stored heat, the internal temperature rises (characterized by a rectal temperature of 105 degrees or higher), and this can lead to multiple organ failure and death when not treated immediately. Continue…

When it’s Too Hot, Try These Options for Indoor Pet Activities

Pets: Cute Yorkie dog at outside city cafe. Bow, bandana.Summer in the Southeast brings raucous thunderstorms and hot, humid days – not a great combination when it comes to outdoor recreation. So, it stands to reason our pets might get a little bored being cooped up inside. Fortunately, there are many creative, exercise-inspired indoor pet activities to keep your fur pal entertained. Continue…

Weathering the Storm: How to Ease Pet Noise Anxiety

curious dogFew things strike fear into the heart of a pet like a raucous thunderstorm. Most animals have some level of noise aversion anyway, but storms can present a myriad of challenges.

If your companion suffers from pet noise anxiety, a thunderstorm can be a harrowing experience. Knowing how to help your pet cope ensures his or her safety and alleviates harmful stress. Continue…

Pet Safety and Kids: What You Should Know

Long_iStock_000057434550_Large (1)From 2010 to 2012, more than 350,000 kids under the age of 14 experienced dog bite injuries. While circumstances vary, a salient truth remains: the majority of these bites could have been prevented.

There’s a lot to learn when it comes to pet safety and kids, and much of it can only be absorbed over time. However, with direct adult supervision and close observation of certain rules, kids and pets can remain safe, healthy, and happy.

Training Benefits

Training is a great place to start with pet safety and kids. Addressing your pet’s behavioral needs goes a long way at home. If your child is old enough, you may want to include him or her in the process. At the very least, your child and pet will learn to understand one another, and your child will gain basic knowledge of canine body language. Continue…

Hot Diggity! What You Should Know Before Visiting a Dog Park

WestPark_iStock_000071982185_LargeIn the Queen City, dogs are treated like royalty – and rightly so! Many shops, eateries, and other public spaces welcome the presence of well-behaved pooches. Of course, there’s a lot to be said for pet etiquette (or “petiquette”). Luckily, your pet’s social skills can be cultivated at one of Charlotte’s many fabulous dog parks. But beyond good manners, what else do you need to know before visiting a dog park? We’re glad you asked!

Before the Fun Begins

Some health and wellness measures should be taken prior to visiting any community dog park. Your pet must be fully vaccinated against: Continue…