cat rolling on bed

There has never been a better time to be a cat owner – or a cat for that matter! We know more than ever before about what they need, and how to set them up for long, healthy, and happy lives. But sometimes, in no small part to their aloof, self-sufficient nature, cat health can take a bit of a back burner. 

We all need occasional reminders about disease prevention and healthy lifestyles, and we have some friendly ideas to get your fluffy best friend through another great year.

A Strong Foundation

Establishing good daily habits from the getgo is one of the best ways to support cat health. The following is a guide to daily cat care that can reinforce wellness:

  • Keep their meals and snacks at the same times each day
  • Measure out exact portions to keep ideal weight
  • Always have fresh, clean water on hand
  • Keep their litter boxes clean (remember the rule: 1 box per cat, plus one extra)
  • Encourage 15-30 minutes of vigorous play, spread throughout the day, if needed
  • Brush their coat once a day
  • Aim for daily tooth brushing
  • Provide scratching posts and climbing opportunities

Appointments Matter

Keeping your cat’s routine wellness appointment is a critical component to cat health. We can keep them up to date on disease prevention with the right vaccinations, maintain their parasite prevention medication, address nutritional needs, go through certain screening processes, and discuss any behavioral concerns.

The Big Picture

If you have a kitten, we’ll likely talk about spaying or neutering them (if it hasn’t been done already), the benefits of a microchip, and how to introduce cat dental care to them with regular teeth brushing at home.

Once their initial vaccinations are complete, we recommend yearly wellness visits. At the age of 7 years old, we increase their visits to twice a year so we can stay in front of age-related health problems.

Defense Vs. Offense

When it comes to optimal cat health and wellness, the best defense against illness is to be on the offensive line. Taking a proactive approach can make all the difference instead of only treating them when emergency problems arise.

Know the Score

Since cats age faster than we do, their physical condition can change seemingly overnight. This not only underscores the need for routine exams (frequent visits increase the odds of detecting illness before it becomes symptomatic), but when we know what’s normal for them we can work quickly to treat any changes. This is especially important because cats are infamous for masking any signs of illness or injury.

Lifelong Cat Health

Long Animal Hospital is dedicated to helping cat owners care for their cats. To that end, our veterinarians and staff members are always here to address any questions or concerns