Traffic Update for our Clients:

As most of you are aware, there has been extensive road work on South Blvd on the Chick-fil-A side towards Pineville and this is now all coming our way unavoidably and will continue all the way to the South Blvd and East Blvd intersection near Fuel Pizza. Preparations are beginning now and will go through March per the city guidance.

The city is doing everything in their power to make this construction go as soon as possible but they will unfortunately have to block the Remount/Ideal Way and South Blvd intersection for a short time. Detours will be posted similarly to how the Poindexter intersection near Harris Teeter was. Otherwise, South Blvd will be a one lane outbound and inbound road with a working zone in the middle lanes and Euclid will have increased traffic while this project is in process as well.

Sorry for the inconvenience as this is out of our control. Please make sure you allow yourself extra time in preparation of potential delays so you can make your appointment in time. We will be understanding of the situation and we appreciate your continual understanding and patronage.

Charlotte Traffic Message

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