Providing the Best Veterinary Care for Charlotte NC Cats & Dogs since 1948

Serving Charlotte since 1948, Long Animal Hospital is a trusted source for veterinary expertise and high-quality veterinary medical care for dogs and cats in Charlotte and the surrounding communities. We are dedicated to helping you foster a truly meaningful relationship with your animal companion and offer complete veterinary care services at our modern facility right in the heart of Charlotte, North Carolina.

Our veterinarians and staff will provide the special care your pet needs, while remaining attentive to you as our customer. Excellent client service makes a visit to our hospital more than just another task to complete in the course of your busy day. We take pride in our mission to treat you with the respect and integrity you deserve as a member of the Long Animal Hospital family.

“The new space looks great! We liked the appearance of the old one so it was nice coming to the new space and seeing that it was just a bigger, updated version of the same. The vet did a wonderful job explaining most everything, we just learned a lot of important and unexpected information all at once, we may have missed some of the information ourselves because it was so much to take in, which was not the vets fault. The vet was wonderful and I am confident when I call back the vet will explain certain aspects of his diagnosis to me again. The vet explained everything in the moment and asked if we had any questions, which at that time, we did not. It was only after we got home and started processing everything that a few questions arose. I also fully appreciate the written instructions that are sent home after a procedure. It helps for times like we experienced when we aren't fully able to absorb all the information. Long Animal Hospital and the vets and staff that work there have been a god send to us. Every time we go we receive excellent care and feel like they really care for our dog and his individual needs. Twice our dog has had to have surgery and each time the vets have been so helpful, professional, and given great care to our dog. I can't fully express how much I appreciate your services.”

2523 South Boulevard, Charlotte NC 28203

(704) 523-2996

Monday – Friday: 6:45 a.m. – 8 p.m. Saturday: 7 a.m. – 3 p.m. 24-hour Emergency Services Available

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